What is a password?

What is a password?

Password is used to allow you access to data that no one else should have access to.

Passwords are used to protect e-mails, your correspondence with friends, as well as bank accounts. That's why you need to ensure their effectiveness and safety.


Imagine what might happen to you, when someone learns your password:

  • Lose money from a bank or access to it,
  • Lose your friends because they receive offensive e-mails from the new mailbox owner,
  • "Buy" a truck or a house on an online auction,
  • Indecent picture or description in your web profile,
  • Everyone in your address book receiving spam and viruses,
  • Someone learns the contents of your correspondence, and can do just anything with it,
  • ... and many more undesirable effects, depending on the needs and fantasies of whoever got to know your password.

Want it?


I do not want to scare you. The aim of this website is to draw your attention to outcomes of negligence on the quality of password:

  • You can lose your work or time you devoted to a hobby or entertainment,
  • For an indefinite period, you may be deprived of important services and data,
  • Data or services aquired by someone else and attributed to your person can cause problems in many ways,
  • You can lose a lot of time and energy to recover everything protected by the password.

Remember also, that the loss of password may have bad consequences not only for you, but also for your family, friends and colleagues.

Therefore, please consider what you find on this page. Maybe you'll find something useful, so you rethink your approach to the data important for you.

This website was created in good faith towards the overall benefit. All knowledge gained here you may use only at your own risk.

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