Breaking passwords

Breaking passwords

Is there a 100% secure password?


Even if you have the longest, most complicated password, it can be overseen (CCTV), overheard (if you use an unsecured network) or swindled from you.

There are several methods to obtain passwords and thus access to your data or account.

  • Breaking a password

    This method means to try and guess your password. Available to the attacker are:

    • Dictionary method
      from a database of frequently used or likely passwords, they are successively selected and used for login attempts.
    • Brute-force method
      using defined algorithms, text strings are generated, and used as passwords to log on.

  • Password sniffing

    An attacker can see your password:

    • by looking over your shoulder when you type it on the keyboard,
    • by using malicious software that records everything you do with your mouse and what you type using the keyboard (including screenshots, the name of application currently used and the URL of the page where you stay),
    • by tapping Internet transmission, if you connect to the Internet using a nonsecure connection.

  • Stealing passwords

    Attacker tries different methods to lead to a situation where you give him the data by yourself:

    • you may receive an email asking for your data, because there was a failure of the server and data must be supplemented,
    • you may receive an e-mail asking you to confirm payment of $ 10,000 from your account. To prevent this strange transaction, you must log in to a false website,
    • you may receive somehow a link to a page, that will seem identical to the original one, but when you enter your data, it will be sent to the attacker.
    Actually, it is impossible to describe all available methods that an attacker can use to steal your password. You have to be prudent, discerning and suspicious regarding this.
    Remember, however, that no trustworthy service on the Internet sends e-mails asking for your password.

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