How to create a password?

How to create a password?

Password should be easy to remember for you, but for everyone else should be a senseless patchwork of characters, difficult to remember even partially.

Tell me if you are able to easily remember such password:


it would be difficult ... but only if you do not know the logic behind this. After reading the rest, you will see it makes sense :)


Assume that we are considering the password to your e-mail address:

We create two phrases out of it:

"" oraz ""

Take the first three characters of each phrase, that is:

"you" + "gma"

Between them put the number of windows in your room:

"you" + 3 + "gma"

At the end put an underline character and your grandmother's initials:

"you" + 3 + "gma" + "_BJ"

And we get a great password:


Review again the whole logic and the password. Take a look:

It's easy! :)

Even if at this moment you think it's difficult, believe me that choosing appropriate modifications, easy to remember for you, you get a password that:

  • is difficult to remember by others,
  • is difficult to guess by any common method,
  • you do not need to memorize, because you can restore it even after a year,
  • is different from any other passwords by using letters of the address "" and domain "". So, the Yahoo! password will be different.


This method is effective only if:

  • you don't tell anyone, what your logic is (you can modify it once per year, or so)
  • you don't show anyone your password created by this method (if you must, though I strongly advise against it, give someone a password "for a while", change it before to a one not related to your system)

So again, how to do it?

Apply the following three steps:

  1. Permament part of the password
    1. select a phrase or words that will be fixed for each entry:
      banana + round
  2. Variable part of the password
    1. select what will be different in each password: domain name, type of service or an association:
  3. Connection
    1. Think of how to combine these components, for example:
      "@" + permament part + variable part + "$"
  4. Modification
    1. Think of any modifications, for example: "a = 3", "k = +"

Make up your own method with custom modifications.

Check the strength of password you want to use.

Check the requirements and constraints of the system, you want to use the new password for.

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